Minor Program in Women’s Studies

168101      Introduction to Feminist Concepts
168221     Gender Equality and Work in Globalization
168222     Women and Culture
168231     Gender and Language
168241     Women and Justice Process
168313     Gender and Politics
168335     Gender and Religions
168410     Women’s Human Rights and Diverse Gender Rights


8 undergraduate courses: which is available for all undergraduate students from all majors and faculties in Chiang Mai University, students can select “women’s studies minor program” correlated with their major study program. 

168101 :  Introduction to Feminist Concepts

Introduction to Feminist Concepts and Theories, Liberal Feminism, Socialist Feminism and Marxist Feminism, Radical Feminism and Cultural Feminism, Post-modern Feminism, Third World Women Feminism, Concepts of sex and gender, Women’s Human Rights, and Case studies in Thai Society

Students are able to explain briefly feminist concepts and theories, analyze women’s situations in Thai society through gender perspectives, apply concepts and theories of feminism to empower women.

168221 :  Gender Equality and Work in Globalization

concept of gender related to dimension of work and labor, history of labor particularly of women labor, feminization of labor in globalization, human trafficking and women trafficking,  situation of women labor in Asia, Africa, Europe and United States of America, guidelines for gender equality in policy formulation at the workplace, mechanisms supporting gender equality at the workplace , international organizations promoting gender equality at the workplace, analyze obstacle and policy recommendations . 

Students are able to explain and analyze concepts of gender division of labor and work in globalization, apply knowledge and understanding for gender equality at the workplace in globalization.

168222 :  Women and Culture 

Feminist theories and culture, problems in defining  “Women” and “Culture”, “Women” and “Culture” in traditional, modern, postmodern, post-colonial societies and globalization, “Cultural Politics” regarding power, discourse, language, image, representation and institutions, processes of production/reproduction and distribution of culture, “Cultural Consumptions” in concept of gender and sexuality , “Cultural Politics”  in critical feminism, macro cultural politics : “Women” and “Structure”, micro cultural politics : “Women”, identity, self and subjectivity, multiculturalism in Thai society:  movement / dynamic in sexual / gender dimensions and recommendation regarding “solution”.          

Students are able to explain concepts of culture from various feminist perspectives; both similar and different, analyze the cultural processes of production/reproduction, distribution  and cultural consumption in patriarchal society through the constructions of women’s representations, apply concepts to usage in everyday life, propose solutions to solve gender inequality related to themselves and society.

168231 :  Gender and Language 

Socio-linguistic foundations for the study of gender-related elements in language use and the relation between language and power, the relation between language, culture and system of thoughts,  linguistic interaction between men and women and its social roots, gender stereotypes in socialization, lexical gender and its bias in grammar and vocabulary, gender in folklores, fairy tales and jokes, gender in school textbook and language used in classroom, hidden gender bias in language used at workplace, gender in mass media and sex crime news, the reform of sexist language and the possibilities of changes in language use, perspectives of gender and language.

Students are able to explain the relationships between language, power and gender in Thai society, analyze and criticize the use of sexist language in everyday life and in mass media.

168241 :  Women and Justice 

Knowledge in Theory involving women wrong doing / crimes and legal system in feminism perspectives, learning women as victim of violence in various forms, study women as  wrong doer, also justice steps and process  and study employment system in justice process also case studies presenting and discussion for understanding justice process that affects women. 

Students are able to explain the women as victim, wrong doer and employee in justice process, analyze effects and violence against women according to the justice process, seek alternatives for women in justice process.

168313 : Feminism, Gender and Politics

Politics as the institutional form of government, politics as a process of negotiation, politics as a struggle over the distribution of power, politics of liberal feminist thoughts, politics of radical feminist thoughts, politics of cultural feminist thoughts, politics of postmodern and poststructuralist feminist thoughts, case studies of gender and politics of feminist thoughts.

168335 : Feminism, Gender and Religions

State, religion and patriarchy, feminism and religious studies,  gendered reinterpretation of religious teaching, texts and rituals,  roles of women and diverse gender in religions, religious movements in globalization, women religious movement in Thailand

168410 : Women’s Human Rights and Diverse Gender Rights

Interpretation of human rights, meanings and limitations, new interpretation of human rights and women’s rights, relations between human rights and women’s rights concepts including diverse gender rights, contemporary international laws of human rights, women’s rights and diverse gender movements in Thailand, at regional and international level.