International Program



The basic philosophy of the program is to build and enhance the knowledge of women’s studies and gender studies in accordance with the integration of different disciplines.

 It is focused on enhancing knowledge as gained from critiques, synthesis and analysis in comparative study between the theory and knowledge from various disciplines and theories and knowledge of women’s studies and gender studies. In order to understand and strengthen the movement according to power relations issue between gender, ethnic, class, status, lifestyle, age, mind and body condition.

 It aims to integrate knowledge of Thai women’s studies from existing body of knowledge, e.g. the academic expertise of the faculty members, development of the movement for women’s rights and gender’s rights in Thailand, and women’s studies and gender studies' academic works produced by feminist thinkers around the world, experiences and quality of life of women and gender groups in Thailand and the region and ASEAN Community, experiences of life and work of the students in particular.

The program will cover theories, methodologies and problem issues, e.g. political, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues in Thailand, Asian region, ASEAN community, and global which affect the quality of life of women and gender groups both in historical dimension and in terms of policy and action.


The program is committed to producing graduates who :

  1.  Have knowledge and comprehension in feminist principles and theories, feminist research methodologies, and women and gender issues in various context and be able to analyze problem and apply knowledge, skills and select tools which appropriate to problem. 
  2. Systematically think with judgment with critical thinking skills and critical and interdisciplinary thinking and be able to construct new body of knowledge to society.
  3. Be able to apply knowledge to initiate the proper solutions to public problems, women and gender equality in particular.



( International Program )

Plans of Study

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Women’s and Gender Studies offers two plans :

PhD type table.jpg

Program Period :  2 – 4 years

First Semester :       August – December       

Second Semester :  January – May

Application Qualifications

  1.  Have a Master degree or equivalent in any discipline, as accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs.
  2.  Must have good level of English proficiency; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Program Fees:       

  • 120,000 Baht per year for Thai residents 
  • 160,000 Baht per year for Non-Thai residents 

Admission Process:      Admission exam and/or  interviews


MASter of art Program

in Women’s and Gender Studies

( International Program )